EPREX Equipment Procurement and Expediting Services

Our comprehensive services ensure a holistic approach to procurement and expediting, facilitating a smooth journey from project initiation to completion.


Project Procurement Plan (PPP) Development

Our procurement engineers collaborate with the stakeholders to meticulously define the scope of your procurement project, compiling equipment packages, identifying prospective vendors, and establishing budgets and lead times.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Package Development

The key to a successful, efficient bid process is a concise, yet appropriately detailed RFP package.  We expertly assemble and strategically publishing RFP packages, ensuring that the targeted vendor(s) are solicited for the scope of work identified, setting the foundation for successful partnerships.

User Requirement Specifications (URS) Development

Our Subject Matter Experts craft precise User Specifications that align with the critical requirements of your project, to ensure that every aspect is accounted for.

Vendor Documentation Requirements (VDR) Development

Comprehensive vendor documentation requirements are developed for inclusion in the RFP to assure adherence to industry practices and regulatory expectations.

Commercial Evaluation

Conducting detailed commercial evaluations that incorporate multiple facets, enabling a thorough assessment of vendor proposals.

Negotiate Contracts

Applying negotiation expertise to secure favorable terms and conditions in contracts, fostering mutually beneficial relationships with vendors.

Budget Management

Implementing robust cost tracking mechanisms and budget management strategies to ensure financial accountability and project viability.

Change Order (CO) Management

Implementing agile change order management strategies to accommodate shifts in project requirements while maintaining operational efficiency.

Invoice Management

Monitoring vendor invoicing against establish payment milestones and forecasted spend curve.

Submittal Management

Streamlining the submittal process, ensuring efficient handling of crucial project documentation for timely and accurate submissions and timely approvals.

Fabrication Reviews

Conducting meticulous reviews of fabrication processes, ensuring that every detail aligns with project specifications and quality standards

Request for Information (RFI) Management

Managing RFIs to facilitate clear communication between project stakeholders, ensuring that all queries are promptly addressed.

Pressure Relief Device (PRD) Tracking

Implementing a robust tracking system for pressure relief devices, prioritizing safety and compliance throughout the procurement process.

FAT & SAT Coordination

Coordinating comprehensive Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) and Site Acceptance Tests (SAT), ensuring that equipment meets stringent quality and performance criteria.

Receipt Verification

Conducting a rigorous inspection process for the verification of received equipment, minimizing errors and ensuring that every component aligns with specifications.

Punch List Management

Systematically addressing and resolving outstanding issues to ensure project completion to the highest standards.